Floor Lamps

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Metal Floor Lamp With Crystal Bead Shade

Size:  62" X 12" X 12"

Item Weight: 15.18 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Silver

Three Light Floor Lamp

Size: 68" X 14 " X 14"

Item Weight: 6.38 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Brushed steel

Tripod Metal Floor Lamp

Size: 60.25" X 22" X 22"

Item Weight: 9 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Black

Floor Lamp Brushed Steel Metal Three Arm...

Size: 65.5" X 31" X 33"

Item Weight: 9.4 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Black

Lily Pad Glass Shelf Floor Lamp In Brushed...

Size: 66" X 20" X 13"

Item Weight: 24.05 Pounds

Material: Metal/Glass

Color: Brushed steel

Orbital Sphere Brass Metal LED Floor Lamp

Size: 63.5" X 27" X 27"

Item Weight: 17.38 Pounds

Material: Metal/Glass

Color: Brass

Walnut Wood Finish Floor Lamp Cylindrical Base...

Size: 62.5" X 18" X 18"

Item Weight: 25.53 Pounds

Material: Wood/Walnut

Color: Walnut

Brushed Steel Metal Arc Lamp

Size: 11" X 46"X 82" 

Item Weight: 17.42 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Brushed steel

Adjustable Three Light Floor Lamp In Lustrous...

Size: 69" X 30" X 30"

Item Weight: 11.44 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Gold 

Sleek Walnut Wood Finished Floor Lamp With...

Size: 68" X 10" X 10"

Item Weight: 21.9 Pounds

Material: Walnut/Glass

Color: Walnut

Three Drawer And Shelf Floor Lamp With Black...

Size: 72" X 10.5" X 11.25" 

Item Weight: 11 Pounds

Material: Wood

Color: Black

Modern Floor Lamp Black Finish With Oval Base

Size: 47" X 12" X 7.25"

Item Weight: 10.12 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Walnut

Three Light Adjustable Arm Dark Bronze Floor Lamp

Size: 82" X 11" X 46" 

Item Weight: 27 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Antique Bronze

Natural Wood Floor Lamp With Adjustable Hinged Arm

Size: 61" X 8" X 30"

Item Weight: 10.43 Pounds

Material: Wood/Metal

Color: Natural

Copper Metal Floor Lamp With Contrasting Black...

Size: 60" X 11.5" X 14"

Item Weight: 13.2 Pounds

Material: Metal

Color: Copper